learn and create


let’s relax and create a painting together.

Een ontspannen en interactieve online workshop, waarin we samen een schilderij maken.

Teamfun niet alleen voor vrijdag!


colorful painting

let’s learn and create ‘art’ together.

Leer waterverf schilderen en maak je eigen kunstwerk, in deze online creatieve en vrije team workshop.

Unleash your creativity!


energise your body


improve your core and reduce postural pains.

A session to work on core and inner muscles to improve alignment and alleviate postural pain.

Get some team energy!


yoga flow

awaken your breath and stretch your body

A challenging sequence to stretch and strengthen the body as you connect with your breath.

Let’s grow and connect!


calm your mind

Wim Hof online

boost your mind and bodies immune system

In this breath work workshop you will experience what a tremendous power is hidden in your breathing and body.

Let’s take a breath together!


sound meditation

relax, listen, unwind and release stress

A smoothing online experience with sounds of ancient instruments, as we dive into deep stretches.

Let’s chill-out together!


relax special


relax and restore your body and muscles 

A deep and relaxing massage to alleviate postural pain.
focusing on your hands, back, neck and shoulders.

Let’s be kind to your body!