As production studio & Peter in different positions,
we have had the pleasure of producing a variety
of events, shows and expositions.

We love curating unique themes,
showcasing various art forms,
and working with artists and concepts,
to create artiestic experiences and stories.

Check out some of our previous work we have
initiated, produced and brought to life.

Lost Intimacy

Lost Intimacy, a captivating modern dance performance by LeineRoebana and friends, offered an immersive escape into art during Covid, held at B. Amsterdam.

This event, occurring four times, featured a dynamic blend of contemporary dance, spoken word, and music in a raw, inspirational setting.

Our collaboration brought together new and familiar talents, creating an extraordinary live performance

July 2021 – Studio About 
Initiator, Connector & Production

team concepts

Breathwork & Sound Journey

As creative and brand manager at B. Amsterdam, in collaboration with The Conscious Club, we orchestrated two enchanting evenings that blended Wim Hof breathwork with an angelic harp and chant concert.

Transforming a vast former Portal Office warehouse into a cozy, dreamlike environment, we set the stage for a deeply nourishing and inspirational experience. Attendees left feeling rejuvenated and inspired, cherishing the intimate ambiance filled with candlelight, Persian carpets, and verdant plants.

July 2020 – B. Amsterdam
Brand & Partnership Manager

Classical Concert

As creative and brand manager at B. Amsterdam and in partnership with Klassifest, Guido Heeneman, and ROC Amsterdam we hosted three exclusive classical concerts at B. Amsterdam, creating a unique fusion of classical music and urban space. Each concert offered a distinctive experience, with artists and ensembles experimenting freely in the large, industrial hall, captivating the engaged audience.

The space was magically transformed, featuring stunning lighting and acoustics, making each evening unforgettable. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we ensured the utmost safety, adhering to strict guidelines, and successfully delivering a series of sold-out, mesmerizing performances.

July and August 2020 – B. Amsterdam
Brand & Partnership Manager

Above Below & Beyond
Jasper Abels

Jasper Abels surrounded his audience with his art during the opening of his solo exhibition “Above, Below and Beyond” at Hotel Arena. As program & marketing manager at Hotel Arena, had the pleasure to work with him.

The exhibition showcased his love for photography, nature, color, and mythical stories, taking the audience on an artistic and emotional journey that spanned from the heavens to the earth and beyond.

August 2021 – Hotel Arena
Marketing & Program Manager

Sacrée Fleur
Yasmin-Claire Tan

Sacrée Fleur” offered an intimate encounter with the floral world through Yasmin-Claire Tan’s lens. This exhibition unveiled the intricate dance between femininity and flora, where each photograph served as a testament to patience and love, inviting viewers to explore the sacredness inherent in each bloom.

July 2023 – Hotel Arena
Marketing & Program Manager

Light Struck
Silvie Konings

“Light Struck” by Silvie Konings transported attendees beyond everyday reality, offering a new perspective through the interplay of light, color, and materials. The exhibition was a sanctuary for contemplation and wonder, where the ephemeral interplay of reflections and movements created immersive artistic expressions.

December 2023 – Hotel Arena
Marketing & Program Manager

Jasper Faber

A journey through the lens of Jasper Faber in “Synchroamance,” an exhibition showcasing 20 years of capturing life’s nuances. Experience a blend of rawness, elegance, and authenticity in his photography, where unforeseen moments are immortalized, revealing stories that have shaped his artistic journey.

June 2023 – Hotel Arena
Marketing & Program Manager

Marta Syrko

“Retrospective” by Marta Syrko was an artistic voyage through memories, emotions, and the human experience. Her multidisciplinary approach blends art history and social commentary, presenting a thought-provoking exploration of identity and the human body. This reflective journey, encountered a world where art and introspection converged.

August 2022 – Hotel Arena
Marketing & Program Manager
In partnership with Frenchman Gallery
Marta Syrko Instagram

Marc Amsterdam

In the exposition “Cunst”, Marc Amsterdam showed a bold and provocative reflection on societal vices about the provocative world with drugs. This exhibition challenges perceptions, intertwining aesthetics with a critical narrative on drug culture. Witness a creative interplay of light, shadow, and substance, urging a deeper contemplation of the familiar and the hidden.

November 2023 – Hotel Arena
Marketing & Program Manager
In partnership with DesignMix

Photography @ Anna Witkowska