Creatively exploring, while
making dreams and stories…

Amsterdam, by Peter Bout

Art & Craft

We have a passion for creating things.
And love building, crafting and painting ideas into reality.

It eases the mind and body, and allows to enter a creative world
full of puzzles, stories, shapes, colors and dreams.

Check out some of the work and fun projects.

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Experience the power of creativity with our workshops that bring people and teams together. Using art, play, and fun, we’ll inspire and energize team spirit.

Our workshops are customizable, and can be held online, offline or as hybrid events, all while making a CO2-positive local impact.

Check out these artistic, bonding, and relaxing team activities.

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collaborative art
team concepts


We create and produce events and shows that are truly one-of-a-kind.

We play around with unique themes, showcasing various art forms, and collaborate with great artists, as we bringing unique experiences to life for our audiences.

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Studio About is a versatile creative production studio, with a passion for creating beautiful experiences, events and brands. 

We connect people and teams, through creativity, art and fun.

We work between art, design, events, marketing, branding & strategy, to create unique and memorable experiences, brands, concepts and workshops.

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Some of the companies we have worked with