Creatively exploring, while
making dreams and stories…

Branding &
Creative Marketing

Transforming the ‘why’ into a brand
with character and beautiful design,
is something we love to do.

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we have been working on.

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Art Events & Expo’s

We play around with unique themes,
showcasing various art forms,
and collaborating with great artists,
as we bringing unique art experiences to life.

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About Collab

We believe in the power of art and craft
as a strong connector between people.

At About Collab we combine that
with collaboration & fun to create unique
and crafty team bonding events.

About Collab website
collaborative art
Amsterdam, by Peter Bout

Art & Paintings

A glimpse of my watercolor paintings.
I love playing with bright colors and shapes, 
in contrast to the water and her flow.

Commission and request possible.
Made by Peter Bout.

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About the Studio

We are a creative production studio,
with a passion for creating fun & creative
brands, and bonding artistic experiences.

We are a creative playground
and space to work on fun things.

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