As a creative production studio, we have had the pleasure of producing a variety of events and shows.

We love curating unique themes, showcasing various art forms, working with the artists on special locations, to create unforgettable experiences for our audience.

Check out some of our previous work and immersive experiences we have brought to life.

Lost Intimacy

Lost Intimacy was an unforgettable modern dance art project that captivated audiences with its unique, immersive experience.

Performed and produced by LeineRoebana and friends, this live art project took place at a raw location and featured four sold-out shows in July 2021.

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Breathwork & Sound Journey

Together with the Conscious Club, we created a healing and inspiring experience with our Wim Hof breathwork sessions accompanied by beautiful angelic harp & chant.

We transformed a former Portal Office warehouse into a dreamlike intimate location for two magical evenings in July 2020 – both sold out.

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Classical Concerts

We transformed a raw urban hall into a huge classical event hall that created a magical setting for three exclusive concerts.

Artists and ensembles were given the creative freedom to experiment with their music, the location, and the audience.

In July and August 2020, we collaborated with partners Klassifest, Guido Heeneman, and ROC Amsterdam to bring these sold-out events to life.

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Some of the companies we have worked with