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Lost Intimacy

Lost Intimacy was an exciting and surprising modern dance show performed by LeineRoebana and friends that provided a much-needed escape from the worries of the past year.

This unique live art project was held four times and sold out on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July at B. Amsterdam, a raw location that serves as a breeding ground for inspiring startups.

In this pure and unique setting, new faces and old acquaintances of LeineRoebana came together, including singers Elisabeth Hetherington and Talitha van der Spek, lutenist David Mackor, percussionists Robbert van Hulzen and Dirk Bruinsma, performer Michael Jahoda, and others.

Together, they created a live performance that surprised the audience with special interweavings of contemporary dance, spoken word, and music, ranging from the most intense melodious to unique sound.

These events were initiated and co-produced by Studio About in collaboration with partners B. Amsterdam and students of ROC Amsterdam. Lost Intimacy was made possible in part by an innovation project subsidy from the AFK.


Choreography: Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana

Dance: Uri Eugenio, Luana van Eekeren, Andrea Pisano, Timon De Ridder, Kris Mohammed Adem, Aika Goto, Polina Mirovskaya and students of the Expanded Contemporary Dance program of the Amsterdam University of the Arts
Musicians: Elisabeth Hetherington, Talitha van der Spek, David Mackor, Robbert van Hulzen, Dirk Bruinsma and others.
Performer: Michael Jahoda
Lighting design: Jeroen Smith

Production: ROC Amsterdam students

Event initiator, concept, location & lead production: Studio About

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