Creatively exploring, while
making dreams and stories…

Studio About

We are a creative production studio,
with a passion for making experiences.

We create brands, artistic events,
and creative marketing solutions.

We work between branding, events,
creative marketing, activations & art.

What we value

Curiosity – We have a big appetite for new
ideas, perspectives, and possibilities.

Collaboration –  We like to collab & co-create
with different talents, skills and visions.

Exploration – With an open-mind
and sense of wonder, we explore
new bold and fun solutions.

Peter Bout

The love for creating, building,
connecting and collaborating,
made me start Studio About
as a creative playground to work.

About me; +10 year experience
creative, producer, marketing,
events, teamwork, entrepreneur
& master Organisation Economics (UvA)

I like; creating, painting, building,
events, Amsterdam, freedom, nature,
yoga, dancing, dogs & walking.

Co-founder & Creative director;
Studio About & About Collab.

Life vibes; “Creatively exploring,
while making dreams and stories.”