Transforming and combining business strategy, marketing, sales and your ‘why’, into a brand with character and beautiful design, is what our mind loves doing.

Some projects we have been working on


From an idea to making a new brand, from a start-up now a flourishing mortgage and financial scale-up.

Stip Advies brand has been created and build upon their mission to help their customers achieve their goals, their point (Stip in Dutch) on the horizon. And guide them every step on the way.

We created the brand story, character, name, logo, design, website & activations.

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Hotel Arena

A beautiful boutique hotel, with a warm heart for art and culture, in the Oosterpark.

As creative, marketing & program lead, had the pleasure of upgrading and rebuilding the brand and overall experience to the next level. 

Executed a rebranding by touching & designing every aspect of the brand – from building and writing the new website, rolled out a strong social media, set up 14 art expositions filled with paintings, photograhy, scultures & fashion. initiated & produced 30+ social and dance events and had the pleasure of working with many fun partners.

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Green Marine

From a fun mission, towards a strong brand. From a hobby start-up, now a powerfull accelerating electric boat motor scale-up.

Green Marine makes boating more fun, powerfull and sustainable, with high quality systems meant to last en enjoy your whole life. 

We rebranded their brand story, character, logo, design & website.

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Some of the companies we have worked with