We connect people and teams, through creativity, art and fun.
With workshops, we boost team play, inspiration and spirit.

All workshops can be branded, tailor-made to your needs,
held offline, online or hybride, and have a CO2-positive local impact.

Have fun!

Art of Collab

Discover the art of collaboration while creating a stunning artwork together.

In this interactive team workshop, were you will shorttrack some paint skills and tips&tricks, and create a masterpiece with the whole group. No paint experience required, just bring your curiosity.

A fun and bonding activity to boost creativity and relax with your team/friends!

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collaborative art
paint workshops


Unleash your inner artist in this fun painting team experience!

In this interactive workshop with art-quizzz, you’ll discover your hidden talents as we create an artwork together. Paint skills not required, just some willingness to try something new.

This is a perfect activity for team-building or a fun night out with friends.

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