Art of Collab

Let’s turn team building into a work of art!

In our interactive paint workshop you create a collaborative masterpiece with your team.

We will guide you through the basic techniques and styles of watercolor painting, while you and your team freely explore colors and shapes. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, this workshop is the perfect way to bond, relax, and have fun together.

The artwork will be tailored to your team size and preferences, so you can create something truly unique and meaningful. And the best part? You get to proudly display the final piece in your office as a reminder of your team’s creativity and collaboration.

Our creative paint workshops are suitable for all levels, and we provide all necessary art supplies for a hassle-free experience. The workshop is easy to combine with drinks, food or whatever. Whether you prefer to host the workshop in your own office or at a cool location of your choice, we can arrange everything to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event. 

Don’t miss out on this artistic, bonding, and relaxing team activity.

Art of Collab

Creatieve group/team paint workshop.
Art supplies included.
Starting from 47,50 euro per person (min 15 persons).
This includes 1 euro pp CO2-compensation contribution through Trees For All.

Branding or tailored possible.
Location and food arrangements possible.
Offline preferred, but online and hybrid possible.
10% discount for groups bigger than 25 people.

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