creative paint workshop

join our interactive team activity – an online event, in which we play, try and connect, while you learn the basics of watercolor painting.

we promise, you won’t become the next Picasso or Frida… but with DISCO WARM UP, painting for dummies, ‘mix/paint/mix’ and more, the workshop will boost your creativity.

the 90 minutes multimedia and energetic workshop is for all organizations and levels. no prior experience needed, everybody can do it.

the experience comes with a handmade box full of art supplies and tools for the workshop.  the box will be delivered as a present to the homes of all team members.

get ready and get creative, with yourself & with each other!

pilot editions

we have two ‘pilot’ workshops coming up. this means you will have all the fun and a full creative experience, but it might be interrupted with a casual-kamehameha-cluster-fuck-up on the production & live-stream side (+ including some spelling and typo errors).

if you don’t mind those potential inconveniences – you are lucky – because you get a 50% pilot-discount.  making the workshop only 15 euros (+ 4,5 euros delivery).

we would love to have you there. so please join us.

register and pay here.  we will mail you all workshop info, and we send the art-box to your address.


join now

the pilot workshop is 15eu + 4,5eu delivery (PostNL), which makes 19,50 euro.

please scan or click on the Tikkie-QR, and make the payment.

we will confirm your participation and order once we receive your information and payment.

this might be in a day or two.