sustainable, with local positivity.

We create and produce inclusive, diverse and CO2 positive.

Inclusive, because everyone who wants to grow is welcome.

Diverse, because beautiful and different combinations of talents, backgrounds, identities and visions lead to more creativity and better solutions.

CO2 positive, because we can and we must.

We measure and calculate the CO2 emissions of our equipment, the studio and digital footprint of our workshops, and compensate for this with local sustainable partners.

In this way, we help and support natural solutions and sustainable projects with every workshop we do. That makes painting and building even better.

regenerative farming

Farmer Joost transforms his family farm “The solitude” into a sustainable regenerative ecosystem.

They are reinventing their dairy farm production, developing regenerative farming systems, and creating new biotopes to stimulate biodiversity.

Studio About supports their mission by helping planting trees and plants, to compensate our CO2 emissions. website

seaweed farming

Chief growers behind The Seaweed Farmers – Nikki and Sjoerd – love seaweed and the future of our planet.

They harvest seaweed for use as organic fertiliser and as a raw material for bioplastic. In doing so, they demonstrate the value of seaweed as part of the circular economy.

By growing seaweed, they help filter and clean the seawater, remove CO2 from the atmosphere and provide a safe haven for fish and birds.

Studio About supports them cultivating seaweed, to compensate for our CO2-emission. website