studio about

We are a creative production studio,
and work with creativity, art and business culture.

We believe that a more happier and connected workforce, is a more productive and resourceful workforce.

We connect people and teams, through creativity, art and fun.

We focus on topics like art, craft, creativity, dance, music and nature, and create team experiences and solutions that connect, inspire and amazes.

With workshops, events and concepts, we boost play, inspiration and growth.

We create and produce CO2 positive.

Peter Bout

Studio about is founded by Peter. He has his master in organisation economics, and wrote his thesis about the work-motivation of Generation Y in the Netherlands.

Experienced as producer and creative strategist at various companies and organisations, he always had a strong focus on culture and employee events.

The name Studio About comes from Peter’s passion for creating and painting in his studio. A paintings made by Peter is of course a Bout painting, hence the name.


Peter Bout