paint workshop

Great you are joining the creative paint workshop.

This will be an interactive online workshop, in which we create a work of art together and play freely with colors, shapes and techniques. We will teach you step by step the basic techniques and some various styles of watercolor painting.

The 90-minute live multimedia Zoom workshop is suitable for all levels and is a relaxing, creative and fun team activity. We will send all the necessary art supplies to you.

You just have to set yourself up comfortable in a quiet place, with enough space to get creative. And treat yourself with some snacks and drinks if you want, it’s going to be a relaxing and fun workshop.

As input for the workshop, we have two questions for you,
and would like to know where to send the art materials.


paint workshop

Friday 23th April
14.30 – 16.00
Zoom workshop
incl. art supplies